About us
Vanguard is based in beautiful Victoria , B.C., serving the greater Victoria area. Lars Stuurop, proprietor, is a Red Seal carpenter and has held LEED accreditation for many years. We provide general contracting services, delivering projects with our experienced crew of carpenters and skilled sub-trades.
A progressive, professional approach
The residential construction and renovation industry is not known for embracing change. Contractors tend to stick to what they know. Building codes do force some incremental progress on the industry, but the fact remains that there is a wide gap between best practices and typical construction. We are committed to doing things differently. Our practices are a constantly evolving collection of details, assemblies and methods informed by the latest research in building science. We are part of a community of people dedicated to the ideal of healthy, sustainable buildings. In other words, we stay on top of best practices and when we find something that works better we're not afraid to change.
Planning for ecology and economy
Buildings involve a large investment of money, time and resources and have a big impact on our planet, so it's important that we get them right. We can help you make the most of your investment by:
- Identifying opportunities to improve the energy performance of your home.
- Suggesting products that offer improved indoor air quality, and advise you on what products to avoid.
- Consulting with you and your designer early on in the project to minimize costs and environmental impacts and maximize long term value.

We're in your corner
Our approach to home renovations is to be a professional service provider acting in the best interests of our clients. Think of us as your agent in the field, acting on your behalf in everything we do. And we've got you covered in the event of an accident with WCB insurance and a $2M commercial general liability policy.
Transparent Pricing
For most projects we like to use a pricing model called cost-plus, where the contractor is paid a fixed percentage of the total job costs. The client has access to those costs and knows exactly how much profit the contractor is making. While there are pros and cons to any pricing system, we find that the flexibility of the cost-plus approach works well for most projects and our clients appreciate the transparency and simplicity.